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Phil's Page - Some models that I've made...

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My Ferrari Testarossa - Now grown up enough to have most of the body finished.

1/9th scale and from Ferrari plans. It's also radio controlled and after 8 years of occasional time it's almost done! 8 more pics here:  View from front; With the hood up; Side view; The door; Rear, before the roof went on; Chassis Motors/rear and Chassis Underneath at the rear.

2003 update - most of the body's gone again - I wasn't happy with the front of the car looking too much like a wedge of cheese! More curvature was required......2005 update. Haven't been working on it - did the Rickshaw instead!

My CAT 955L-

The model before the 235 - large, heavy, 140 gears inside it and it worked just like the original. Much fun !

My computer controlled CAT 235 running in 1988-

The inside; go to an article about how it all works.

Click here to see movie of it running, at its last show, in 2007, after operating for 20 years! (A very large file - 76MB)

My Cromwell Tank-

This is radio controlled and goes over most obstacles. Operating turret and elevating gun. Two motors for tracks. Built ~1994.

Click here for some detailed images.

Click here to see movie of it , still running, in 2007. (A large file! 23MB)


My Grove TM9120 Truck Crane is finally looking like a truck, after 12 years!

My Rickshaw being pulled by a walking man. Winner of the ISM Founder's Prize in 2007. All mechanical leg movement.

See here for more details and a movie of the model operating.


Other goodies / articles that I've written in the past...


reprint of article from the Sheffield Meccano Guild Mag, Dec 1986: Differentials, the theory and practice (part 1) - all about building spur gear and 'inside out' differentials.


reprint of article from the Sheffield Meccano Guild Mag, Dec 1987: Differentials, the theory and practice (part 2) - all about my Three Speed Epicyclic Transmission that was in my CAT955 (above).


reprint of article from the Constructor Quartery, No.1, Sept 1988: Differentials, the theory and practice (part 3) - all you'd ever want to know about how Tank Steering Systems work from WW1 to the late 70's.  Click here for the article in higher resolution pdf format (800kb).

Last updated: February 18, 2010