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Links to other Meccano, Erector and other Construction Set Sites around the World.

bulletFor a very complete list of Meccano sites, go to the Meccano Web Ring. If you can't find what you are looking for, then try the following....


bulletA.C. Gilbert Heritage Society For those among us more interested in the classic American 'Erector' hobby. Lots of good pictures from their Annual Meetings.
bulletA.C.Gilbert's Discovery Village .  aka Gilbert House Children's Museum in Salam Or. Looks like an interesting Museum.
bulletAries Incorporartion. A new site from Anuj Mehta in India. Low cost Meccano replica parts are available.
bulletMichael Adler in Israel.
bulletThe International Society of Meccanomen. Information and 'e-mag' for Meccano users.
bulletGirders & Gears. This is John Cook's Erector site. Lots of model pics.
bulletCMAMAS - The Canadian Meccano Club. 
bulletDavid Lawrence's website for Steeltec !  
bulletFrizinghall Models and Railways, specialist suppliers. They took over the spare parts stock from MW Models.
bulletJensen Steam Engine Co. Official Web Site. America's only model stationary live-steam company is now selling current production Erector sets! 
bulletPaul Linford's Erector Website - he's a member of ACGHS here in the US.
bulletMeccano in the US - a new site from Kendrick Bisset - also on the Web Ring. 
bulletThe New Zealand Federation of Meccano Modellers 
bulletJoel Perlin's home page Go and see what Joel's got for sale down in Southern California. 
bulletSheffield Meccano Guild, UK The pages for Meccano in Robin Hood Country. Maintained by Geoff Lilleker (UK)
bulletThe Transvaal Meccano Guild, South Africa, has started on a web page. So far, it's impressive!
bulletDavid Williams in Canada Meccano in Edmonton, Canada. Also has some links to USENET (Network News) groups.

Last Updated: March 7, 2012