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A visit to the 25th North Midlands Meccano Guild Summer Exhibition (Skegex '06)

By Phil Edwards

Back in July, my wife and I attended the Skegex show in England. I took my Rickshaw model and was surprised to end up getting Fourth Prize! There have already been a number of postings to different websites with photos from the show (the best selection is at the International Meccanoman website http://www.internationalmeccanomen.org.uk/ under 'Exhibition Page'). I thought I would add in some of the photos I took as some of these are referenced in the current (Oct '06) Club Newsletter article that I wrote. If any modeler wants any of the full high resolution 8 Megapixel resolution image files, then please let me know.

A general view of the display from the balcony:

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The Skegex '06 winner - John Thorpe's Tornado fighter   And second prize went to Ken Senar with his Vampire jet.
A beautiful ploughing engine   Don Morton brought his telescope from Canada
It was Tony Rednall's birthday, so he got a suitable cake   And to go with his cake, here's his Meccano and compatible parts (real hydraulics) backhoe
Tony Homden brought his green fire engine   Here's how to make a quarry scene out of Meccano, thanks to James Garner.
Guy Kind had a Caterpillar pipe layer with him and it won 5th prize   Ellie was at the show as well, care of John Bridger
Darren Bonner showed off his wonderful traction engines    
Roy Whitehouse showed this blue and gold dragline   Sail away with Michael Whiting's galleon
Mervin Wood showed this backhoe model   And on a smaller scale, Roy Pickering has these miniature earth moving vehicles
John McDonald brought his V2 rocket and truck    
And Nick Rodgers showed this Spitfire model   John Bader showed this wonderful blue and gold dockyard crane
M.J.McCallum showed these 1950's display models, wonderfully restored.    

Last Updated: October 9, 2006