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A visit to the Toronto Hobby Show; Nov. '01

By Phil Edwards

It's Friday afternoon at the Hobby show. Here I am again in Toronto, exhibiting once again amongst my Canadian friends. This year there is a good showing of models on  25 tables or so. Here's some pics of the models that I thought would be the most photogenic - and some detailed shots to prove that Meccano can be a very detail oriented hobby.

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Sets on Display from Kendrick Bissett

A nice 1912 set 6 from Lou Boselli

A very impressive Bucket wheel excavator from Ron Kurtz

And before the top went on this model.....

From our Farmer-builder Gordon Frank, plus horse droppings and horse!

A lovely red and green old timer backhoe from Normand St Aubin

Martha (significant other, at least from a Meccano standpoint, of Hubert Hogle) the robot visits again...I caught her somewhat trying to figure out where her legs were...

We have a cage of Butterflies, from John Wapshott

Colin Hinz had a very well put together beam engine

Concorde flew in from New York, care of Lou Boselli

I am showing my Cromwell Tank and 3 Speed gearbox

A Russian Submarine from André Theberge

Balloon power lives, in the form of 'Spirit of Meccano'; from Colin Hinz

Lynn Krause had the most interesting novelty model, a wind powered wood following machine.

Manfred Hammer has a number of models here this year, including these.

Ed Barclay is here with a number of models, including two London buses.

Tom Thumb, from David Williams, editor of Canadian MeccaNotes

We have a Ferris wheel here, care of Don Redmond

Charlie Pack is demonstrating wind power, California style, and Kim is here as well!

We have a Set 10 freighter on display, care of Lloyd Schneider

Greg Rahn shows some sets, and a car chassis

Lloyd also has brought a scale model of a threshing machine, driven from a truck mounted engine. There are photos of his childhood with the equipment he has modeled.

We have a laid back tricyclist from Mike Stephens

During the three days of the show, we have video filming taking place, as Ernie Kestler is trying to put together a documentary in celebration of the Centenary of Meccano. 


Last Updated: November 2, 2001