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A visit to the 25th Toronto Hobby Show; Nov. '03

By Phil Edwards

I have just returned home after what must be the best Meccano/Erector/Marklin etc. display for years, at the Hobby show. There were around 120 models on show, crammed into our allotted rectangle of tables. Everyone had a great time, discussing models, families, upcoming events etc. I hope you enjoy the pictures below, showing some of the more photogenic or interesting models.

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Normand St Aubin brought his Block-setter crane with grab attachment and a miniature model of a 46 wheeler articulated truck.

From our late Farmer-builder Gordon Frank, a fork-lift truck. Sadly, Gordon died a week after the show. He will be missed by all that knew him.

Ed Barclay came down from Owen Sound with his 'Dodgems',

Martha (significant other, at least from a Meccano standpoint, of Hubert Hogle) the robot, visits again..

Don Redmond brought a lovely blue and gold horizontal steam engine and a display of side plate motors.

Charlie Pack came up again from Los Alto Hills, CA with his Walking Beam Engine.

I brought my latest model, a 100% mechanical walking man, pulling a Rickshaw. The leg movement is unique to Meccano and was designed using a linkage modeling software program.

Robert Gibeault displayed a very neat Marklin Road Grader.

A nice rendition of a small scale steam loco from Bernard Champoux

And on a larger scale, we had a yellow Pacific Engine from Mike Shaw

Fun at the games tables with Leslie Roberts.... can you find the ball...?

Donald Morton brought along another Telescope model,

A vertical Engine by Ted van Klink

And finally, the Meccanoman of the Year award for the last year went to Bernard Champoux

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