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A visit to the 27th Toronto Hobby Show; Nov. '05

By Phil Edwards

I am at the Hobby show again. I hope you enjoy the pictures below which show some of the more photogenic or interesting models.

Click on the appropriate thumbnail to see the relevant photo. Use you browser's 'back' button to get back to this page.

A general view of the display

And from another angle...

And another angle....

And now for some detailed views.....

The Sleeping Meccanoman by Ron Kurtz


Click here for a (.MOV)movie of the model working. Beware - it's a large file (43 MByte), but it's worth waiting for!!!

Need Apple QuickTime, to view this movie? Click here first. Another large file, I'm afraid!.

Anyone want to buy some Meccano from Marsha?

A plastic Meccano Ferris wheel from Hubert Hogle, on top of Manfred Hammer's set 10

A John Deere Waterloo Boy Tractor Model "R" from Ron Kurtz

And from the rear...

A small fairground ride care of Eric Eisen

An Erector Fire Truck by Don Redmond

And an Erector Beam Pumping Engine by Lou Boselli (a repeat of the model he brought to the show 20 years ago!)

Colin Hoare showed three models, one of which was this neat miniature Beam Engine

My Rickshaw is here..

For more details on this model, including a movie of it walking around my kitchen, click here.

A Crazy Clock from Charles Perez

And also by Charles Perez, a display showing a Century of Flight

Hubert Hogle's Pinyon Blocksetter with a grab

And the standard Blocksetter,  from Bill Briggs

And last but not least - the rogue's gallery of those that attended the club AGM.

Click here for a low resolution enlargement
Click here for a high resolution enlargement

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