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A visit to the 28th Toronto Hobby Show; Nov. '03 - 05

By Phil Edwards

Updated Saturday 4th.

I am at the Hobby show again. I hope you enjoy the pictures below which show some of the more photogenic or interesting models. More photos to follow, as it's only the end of the first day right now...

Click on the appropriate thumbnail to see the relevant photo. Use you browser's 'back' button to get back to this page.

A general view of the display - this year we're split into two rectangular table areas, facing each other, so the public can pass between the two display 'islands'. This is one rectangle:

And the other:

Off to one end, the Canadian sales team for Metallus have a few tables:

Anyone interested, should visit www.metallus.de for more information. In the US, Joel Perlin (www.erectorsets.com) reps for them, and in Canada, jean-Claude Demalsy ( metalluscanada@yahoo.ca ) is who you should write to.

The Rouge's Gallery....CMAMAS Club members present on Saturday, for the AGM.

And now for some detailed views of the more photogenic models.....

Charles Perez showed his display of Meccano Aeroplanes

Ted Van Klink was rolling balls around

Don Redmond's Beam Engine

Hubert Hogle's Pinyon Blocksetter with a grab was picking up pieces of Lego (a good use for Lego...), under programmed control

Charlie Pack came up from California with his  Walschaert's Steam Valve Gear Demonstrator, showing how one reverses a steam locomotive.. and he also brought a South Seeking Chariot. I also brought my Rickshaw, but there's two many photos of it on this website....!

A Remontoire Clock (Keith Cameron original design) by Lloyd Schneider was happily ticking away all day

Glyn Bates showed a Big Ben model and David Duncan showed a Dump Truck

CMAMAS President Colin Hoare presiding...

And of course, we've got a Dragline - in nicely restored red and green, by Frank Curry and David Duncan

A plastic Meccano Apache Attack Helicopter by Jim Bobyn

A Red London Bus, from Robin McLellan

Jumping Erector Parachutes from Lou Boselli

The Queen Mary sailed in, modeled in Blue and Gold by Allan Bedford

Some nicely displayed vintage sets from Kendrick Bisset

A beautiful Sopwith Camel from Chris Bourne's website was shown by Robert Gibeault

A Boulton and Watt Beam Engine by Don Morton



Last Updated: November 4, 2006